Choosing or Changing your Primary Care Provider (PCP)

The important role of your Primary Care Provider (PCP)

As a member of Blue Advantage (HMO) and Blue Advantage (PPO) you will choose a doctor to serve as your Primary Care Provider (PCP). Think of your PCP as the quarterback of your healthcare team. The PCPs not only provide your basic medical care, they also help you better manage your health and any health conditions you are facing. And they help coordinate your care when you are sick or in the hospital. In other words, your PCP is someone you can count on to help you with anything and everything related to your health and well-being.

You can count on your PCP to:

  • Help ensure you get the necessary screenings, tests and care that keep you well
  • Help you manage and control any chronic health conditions you may be dealing with
  • Help diagnose you when you are sick and works with you to determine the best treatment options
  • Coordinate your care when you are sick or in the hospital to ensure you get the best treatment possible

Choosing a PCP

You will be asked to select a PCP at the time you enroll in Blue Advantage. For Blue Advantage (HMO) members your PCP must be a member of the Blue Advantage provider network.

Changing your PCP

You may change your PCP for any reason, at any time. To change your PCP you will need to call Customer Service. When you call, be sure to tell Customer Service if you are seeing specialists or getting other covered services that needed your PCP’s approval (such as home health services and durable medical equipment). Customer Service will help make sure that you can continue with the specialty care and other services you have been getting when you change your PCP. They will also check to be sure the PCP you want to switch to is accepting new patients. Customer Service will change your membership record to show the name of your new PCP and tell you when the change to your new PCP will take effect.

Y0132_19-529_ITLU - Last updated 01/30/2020