BlueCare Telehealth Benefit – Available January 1, 2020

You can receive telehealth benefits at no cost through Blue Advantage’s BlueCare telehealth platform.

With BlueCare, you can have online doctor visits 24/7 using a computer, smartphone, tablet or other internet-accessible devices.

BlueCare will give you more access to primary care services and is easier and less expensive than going to an ER or urgent care for routine health needs like flu symptoms, sinus infections, minor stomach ailments, allergies, cough/cold, rashes and bladder infections.

You can also use BlueCare when traveling (BlueCare doctors are available in all 50 states), or to check in with a doctor after having an in-person visit or procedure where a follow-up visit is required. Doctors can give prescriptions for most conditions through BlueCare.

Go to to access BlueCare or download the BlueCare (one word) app for Android or Apple devices. Once on BlueCare, you will be able to see which doctors are available for online visits and will be able to choose which BlueCare doctors you want to see.

Y0132_19-529_ITLU - Last updated 01/30/2020